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From Chittagong a 77 km road amidst green fields and winding hills will take you to Rangamati. It is also connected by waterway from Kaptai. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) built the Hanging Bridge over the Kaptai Lake which affords a convenient vantage point for taking in the beauty of the lake. This bridge is made during 1984 or around that time.It's a popular tourist spot and a must go destination.

If you don’t visit Rangamati you will not discover a big portion of natural beauties of Bangladesh. This is the only place to visit throughout the year. Rangamati expresses her full beauty in rainy season. Trees becoming greener, waterfalls are in full tide, the river Karnaphuli in her full wave in this season. If you already visited Rangamati in winter, we advise to go there again in monsoon; you will feel the difference of nature yourself.

Parjatan holiday complex is the best place to stay in Rangamati. There are other hotels in Rangamati where you can stay. Boating is prime attraction in Rangamati. You can go to Kaptai and also by Karnaphuli River you can go deep inside the hill areas where on the way you will find lots of natural waterfalls. If you wish you can take shower in the waterfall or you can swim in the river. By boat you can visit the tribal villages, KingChakma’s (tribal) Palace that is called ChakmaRajbari, Rajbonbihar pagoda, Tribal museum etc. you can also enjoy the tribal handmade crafts if you go for shopping in the local market.

Kaptai Lake:

Built in early sixties Kaptai Dam and the lake are the main attractions of Kaptai. If you are not visiting Kaptai separately then, don’t forget to go for a boating up to Kaptai on the Kaptai Lake while you go to Rangamati tour.

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